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Functional Service Provider

SOCAR Research SA is a privately owned Functional Service Provider founded in Switzerland in 1986 with a head office located in Nyon. It provides clinical research services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, academic, functional food and medical device sectors as well as to other CROs. SOCAR has gained vast experience in coordinating clinical research studies from early phase right through to late phase and real-world settings while building strong, personal relationships with a large network of Key Opinion Leaders and Experts in various therapeutic areas. This means that SOCAR is uniquely equipped to deliver high quality, personalised services on time and within budget.
eSOCDATTM was developed by SOCAR's multidisciplinary team of clinical research scientists. eSOCDATTM is an innovative web-based system which integrates into one single database the full spectrum of functionalities that is necessary for the set-up, conduct and reporting of any type of clinical research study.


SOCAR’s vision is to be recognised as an outstanding, reliable, trustworthy and innovative Functional Service Provider dedicated to good science and client satisfaction while providing industry-best solutions and innovation.


To achieve our mission, we aim to be relentless in the pursuit of perfection and transparency. We are committed to finding the most (cost-) effective and innovative means of building, implementing and maintaining an integrated, comprehensive global system to conduct clinical research studies and to deliver outstanding, personalised high-quality services.


Excellence in everything we do
Scientific integrity and principles
Innovation with state-of-the-art solutions
Operational excellence thanks to our outstanding team of experienced professionals
Absolute quality is the cornerstone of SOCAR’s success
Passion and pride in all that we do – we go the extra mile
Our Vision, Mission and Core Values ultimately benefit patients worldwide
as we strive to improve healthcare and quality of life.

therapeutic areas

and related diseases
chronic heart failure, oncology
Central Nervous System
Iron deficiency anaemia
Diabetes, lipidology
Nutritional related studies

socar Management

Bridget-Anne Kirwan, Ph.D

Chief Executive Officer/Chief Scientific Officer
Dr. Kirwan is a seasoned senior executive with more than 25 years of international CRO experience within the biomedical and medical device sector. She is a recognised leader in the area of clinical research.
Dr. Kirwan is skilled at building dedicated operational teams which perform accurately and efficiently to surpass client expectations. A recognised expert in her field, Dr. Kirwan has worked with many leading pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies.
Dr. Kirwan is highly regarded in academic circles. She holds teaching posts at several of Europe’s leading universities; and she is a regular featured speaker within the industry at numerous international conferences and meetings. She is the author of many scientific articles which have been published in leading U.S. and European journals. She holds a Master’s degree and PhD in Clinical Epidemiology from the Erasmus University, Rotterdam.
Sophie de Brouwer

Sophie de Brouwer, Ph.D

Vice President/Director of Biometrics
Dr. de Brouwer has more than 10 years experience in the clinical trials industry. She has worked on a wide variety of trials and manages a thriving Data Operations and Statistical Analysis Department.
Dr. de Brouwer was Project Leader for the in-house team responsible for the development of SOCAR’s e-Clinical solution, eSOCDATTM.
Dr. de Brouwer is the author of multiple publications which have appeared in many high-impact U.S. and European journals. She holds a Master’s degree in Engineering (Applied Mathematics) and a PhD in Applied Science from the University of Louvain, Belgium.