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adjudication services

With more than 30 years’ experience, SOCAR provides fully integrated adjudication services which start at the design phase of your clinical trial.
The eSOCDATTMAdjudication module has been designed and implemented by SOCAR’s clinical researchers who have hands-on experience with event adjudication. We have implemented what we know adjudicators want to see in a System and not what irritates them when performing adjudication. This is what differentiates SOCAR’s adjudication services from the ‘others’.
What is a clinical
committee(CAC) and
what is their role?
A Clinical Adjudication Committee (CAC) is an independent group of experts that adjudicate clinical trial data suggestive of the study outcomes to determine their occurrence.
The CAC may also centrally review specific inclusion/exclusion criteria to determine subject eligibility prior to randomisation.
The aim of performing adjudication is to achieve consistency in the evaluation of the data adjudicated in addition to ensuring an independent, unbiased and accurate evaluation of the study outcomes, by an independent and blinded group.
The CAC performs their adjudication using pre-defined criteria defined a priori in the Adjudication Charter.

clinical adjudication services

Identification and implementation of CAC chair and adjudication committee
Contract with and management / coordination of the CAC for the life-cycle of the adjudication services contract
Writing of the Adjudication charter
Configure the eSOCDAT adjudication module to the specific requirements of your trial
Determine how events requiring adjudication will be identified
Determine which source documents will be required to be part of the adjudication package
Define and implement the data review / adjudication process
Project management / report events status
Meeting management: Orientation and Consensus
Set-up data transfers of the adjudicated data to the Client as appropriate.